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A pioneering dedication to our vineyard practice, makes every glass poured a testament to the winemaking tradition.

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View wines below, or click the button to enter our online wine shop. We currently ship wine to 37 states in the Contiguous United States, and Washington D.C. Please contact us about shipping to Alaska or Hawaii before ordering, as different shipping rates apply.


Tug Hill Spirits

Keeping true to our vision, Tug Hill Spirits, our new small-batch premium brandy-based liqueurs, are blended with locally sourced, all-natural materials.

Gift Certificates

The perfect way to “gift” for every special occasion. Physical Gift Certificate can be purchased at the estate or be mailed to the desired recipient. Cannot be used for online purchases.

To purchase, please call: (315) 376-4336 or email: orders@tughillvineyards.com

e-Gift Cards

Keep it simple, keep it quick. e-Gift cards make it easy to share your favorite winery as simply as possible. Cannot be used for online purchases.

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315-376-4336 (Main Vineyard Office)

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