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Our products are dedicated to the continued development of cold-hardy grapes, farm-to-table practices, and the use of all-natural regional ingredients.

A Proud Agricultural Heritage.

Our 20 acres of cold-hardy grapes are hand-maintained by local employees – not machines. At Tug Hill Vineyards we believe in authentic winemaking, limiting our production to the varieties that grow in our northern climate. Now in the 12th year of growing grapes, Tug Hill Vineyards produces wines that are truly a local product.

In 2018, Tug Hill Spirits launched, under the direction of Derek Card, Head Winemaker and Distiller. Tug Hill Vineyards is now home to the regions premier estate winery and distillery producing small-batch brandy based products.

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Tug Hill Spirits



Tug Hill Spirits keeps true to our vision of an uncompromising commitment to quality, we produce a handcrafted small-batch premium brandy. Currently offering liqueurs blended with locally sourced, all-natural materials.

Please Note | Tug Hill Spirits products are unavailable for shipment due to state restrictions.


Tug Hill Vineyards Wine Clubs

The Tug Hill Vineyards Clubs aim to provide their members with firsthand access to the viticulture, winemaking, and continued development of the Tug Hill Vineyards Estate, and, ultimately, to the enjoyment of Tug Hill Vineyards products.

This group of wine enthusiasts promotes cold-hardy wine growing techniques, alongside the enjoyment of the sensory, social, and cultural benefits of wine, a foundational tenant of Tug Hill Vineyard’s mission. Allotment are designed based on your preferences and the winemaking teams seasonal recommendations, informed by pairing recommendations, upcoming holidays, and your feedback. 

We currently have two clubs, the benefits are very similiar; a monthly subscription based club hosted by Vinoshipper, our third-party online wine shop, and a quarterly managed club with a case buy-in pre-qualification.

All in-person wine purchases receive 15% off


Wine of the Month Club

Wine of the Month Club Members get 3 of our unique, estate vinted and produced wines shipped directly to their door each month!

There is no initial buy-in qualification, just sign up online. Three wine selections are chosen monthly, and our club coordinator checks in with you to tailor the selection if need. The wines recieve a discount and members are eligible for volume shipping discounts.

This club is managed in part by Vinoshipper, which allows for easy sign up and customer service benefits. Best for those who live outside Tug Hill Vineyards regional market.

Members of this club can purchase Spirits and Wine in-store at a discount.


Tug Hill Wine and Spirits Club

Local? Prefer your own selections? Learn more about our Tug Hill Wine and Spirits Club by contacting us today!

Sign up is easy, with your purchase of a case of wine/spirits, you qualify for registration in the club. You can sign up at the time of purchase or can contact the Club Coordinator to request a registration form. Members must purchase a minimum of three bottles each quarter, to maintain their memberships and recieve a discount on their Wine and Spirits purchases. Wine can be shipped.

Complimentary Membership is offered to couples who choose Tug Hill Vineyards as the wedding venue for their special day.

Contact our Club Coordinator, Nicholas Roes, to learn more: nroes@tughillvineyards.com

Gift Certficates

The perfect way to “gift” for every special occasion. Physical Gift Certificate can be purchased at the estate or be mailed to the desired recipient. Cannot be used for online purchases.

To purchase, please call: (315) 376-4336 or email: orders@tughillvineyards.com

e-Gift Cards

Keep it simple, keep it quick. e-Gift cards make it easy to share your favorite winery as simply as possible. Cannot be used for online purchases.

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