If you have stopped in the store recently, you may have noticed our Tug Hill Spirits being featured. They are our newest addition to our products and we cannot wait to post them on the site so you can order them.

There are three flavors that you can choose from: Apple Pie, Toasted Maple, and Blueberry. All three of the spirits are 46 proof. Our Apple Pie Liqueur is a mixture of spirits, apple wine, cinnamon, and spices. The Toasted Maple is a mixture of grape spirits and maple flavors. The Blueberry is a mixture of blueberry spirits, blueberry wine, and blueberry juice.

Each liqueur can be enjoyed by itself or by making a cocktail! We have multiple recipe cards at the store that you can pick out to go with the liqueur of your choice. You can make an Apple Pie Sangria, a Toasted Maple Russian, or Blueberry Margaritas! It doesn’t end there, so stop in the store today to taste the liqueurs, buy a bottle, and grab a recipe card!


2 comments on “Welcoming our New Spirits”



    Just received a bottle of the Toasted Maple Liquer as a gift here in Seattle ~ excited to try it & Would love to see your suggested RECIPEs for this!
    Thank you!

    • Nicholas Roes


      We’re working on getting them all online; here’s one of my favorites: Maple Old Fashioned Cocktail. 1.5 oz Toasted Maple Liqueur, 3oz Grapefruit Juice, 2 dashes of bitters, some maple syrup to sweeten, and shake and serve over ice! Another favorite, (and simpler) just pour a bit in your coffee! Enjoy, let us know if you make a great cocktail!

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