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Our mission is to provide you, your family, and your guests a memorable experience at our 40-acre farm estate overlooking the Black River Valley.

Tug Hill Vineyards

Weddings; Rehearsals, Ceremonies, and Receptions

Ceremony and Reception Package

Tug Hill Estate weddings are unique for each couple. From an afternoon ceremony, cocktail hour, reception at dusk, and a night of dancing and fun with your guests, you can take advantage of all a Tug Hill Estate wedding has to offer. 


A Wedding at Tug Hill Estate Includes:

  • Use of our Gardens, Patio, and Great Lawn for the ceremony.
  • Outdoor seating for your ceremony for 180 guests.
  • Opportunities for an outdoor cocktail hour with beverage service and Hors D’oeuvres on the Terrace.
  • Optional in-house catering services
  • Reception space in the Banquet Hall

Pricing and Other Details:

  • Full pricing and details can be requested by emailing our events coordinator at events@tughillvineyards.com. 
    • Please note: The Venue Coordinator at Tug Hill Estate works for Tug Hill Estate. They will be sure that Tug Hill Estate has adequately provided requested set-up of tables and seating, food service and beverages. They do not coordinate weddings, receptions or rehearsals, nor do they decorate or clean up after weddings, receptions or rehearsals. We do have contact information for wedding planners if such services are needed to plan your day or help with set up/clean up.
    • In addition, outside alcohol is absolutely NOT permitted on the premises, as per the regulations of the New York State Liquor Authority. This means consuming previously purchased alcoholic beverages in our parking lots, during rehearsals, while decorating/making preparations at our venue or at any other time IS NOT ALLOWED. Failure to adhere to this guideline can result in the immediate termination of the wedding or festivities at such time outside alcohol is discovered. It is the responsibility of the marrying party to inform guests of this policy prior to their ceremony/celebration. There are plenty of beverages available at our venue for purchase to please all guests.
    • Unless the Vintner’s Lounge is rented out by the marrying party the day of their ceremony, which is an option, it will remain open to the public during our normal hours of operation. Wedding guests will have their own designated bar, either on the terrace or in the main hall, away from the public to ensure privacy during the festivities.  Furthermore, the Vintner’s Lounge serves only Tug Hill Vineyards Wine, Tug Hill Spirits and bottled/canned beer. It is not fully stocked, therefore, cocktails cannot be ordered in this area. Guests should be informed of this, as well.

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